Saturday, July 18, 2015

Recon @ Metazen

Metazen made the Awesome top 10 list and died.  

Hi, "AE Reiff," whomever you might be: Thank you for sending us RECON. We enjoyed the piece's playful-weary tone and almost-spoken element; we feel that it would be a great fit for Metazen. If it's still available, we'd like to publish it.


So maybe you're on a recon mission, pretend you're an implant, maybe you're reading a fiction, maybe it's real. What difference does it make, everything you see is disbelieved even while it must be believed to survive. Pride enters it too. Do you want to the world class sucker of your time who thought the golden age arrived when you wrote of its past, and now it's being brought back? Or is that brought forward.

So this guy lands right off of Betelgeuse maybe, comes down anyway out of the womb and into this-- you're going to call THIS reality. If all the basket cases believe what they believe, and you, from the land of the far away, who come with your own illusions as nuts as those who inhabit the place when you arrive, think maybe you wake up, at least think you do, and why not a little hyperbole to lighten the load, in this earth-heaven war, galactic, not galactic, who cares, you wake up in the middle of it, as long as waking up means gradually, like before seven, but that’s the end of it till there is a hurt in your mouth from speaking it and a laugh out loud in the telling.

 AE Reiff is a fictional persona of the Artist’s Collective of the New Ibsen Canal at Catwalk. There is no known way to contact them except weekends in the bakery. Once identified persons of the same name intend no disrespect to them or others.

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