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Etiology of Orc Flaming @ Orion headless 11 Jan 2011

The pic at Headless.
You have not seen Orc naked lately, let me tell you why. They live in a shell. It would be like seeing a ferret fly. Oh yes there is one time the Orc goes nude, but only prior to exploding. Back to the shell. It looks like a turtle on legs, a knight in armor. This comparison to people at war is no reason to suppose they look like Orcs. The Orc body is a white mottle, spindle shanked. It clanked. Which is why it grew a shell to give it someplace to hide. Survival mechanisms, defenses? Speculation gets so many Orcs on a stick. The shell was an evolutionary insistence from the Pleistocene. What doesn’t that explain? Deprived of birds, flying reptiles landed as fish crawled up. This became the biped that forgot to fly and lost its wings. Legs grew muscular three-pronged toes. DNA bears this out among the missing.

The shell first acquired was external before it went inside. Which gets interesting if Aristotle were finally right and Lamarck’s habitual behaviors entered the genome. See, temperatures at the poles were rising. The atmosphere heated to such an extent that the Orc shed for comfort or lest it be steamed in the shell.

Psychologists say it internalized the shell from insecurity like a footballer would protect from concussion. Circumcisionalists say it did it to free up sense awareness. The shell outside went under in the rib as a leathery scute, overlayer of skin. This lasted until it peeled and left it naked standing. Or not, for nobody has seen it. Further decadence of this world can be perused in many places. The short of the shield and helmet developed cracks over time, craquelure officially, which widened in flakes of the salt pan deserts.

This were moot without the cracks. The new shed scutes were collectible in the west. They were read as primitive oracle bones of divination. Trade was extensive, the bulk going like ginseng to Japan. Scutes were displayed as wall hangings, abstracted on pottery. Museum bulletins argue them the base of ancient Shino. Craquelure transported Orc to a new realm.

Imagine Orc shedding like falling elk antlers in season. Wagon loads in perpetuity, but years since the trade has died. Present day scutes are thin and when shed dissolve in the explosion. In dénouement Orc explodes in a flash so blinding no one has seen them naked. Avert eyes from the flash or from revulsion. The etiology of Orc flaming off? Keep in the loop for our latest sighting.

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