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Morgenblätter ~ Abendblätter. Blood Presidents, Byzantium, Stockhausen's Bathroom @ Morganblatte Aug 2013

[Three poems loaned to the Kindle Morgenblätter ~ Abendblätter of Danse Macabre,  read here with the links active. They were a precommentary on the sale of this monster publication. Like animal activists breaking into a lab and covering it with blood, these broke in to pour insult on what this work passes for. More vials exploded upon these worlds of architectural fantasies and experiments are at Insight Statutes and @ Opiomes: The Domes. Even More Leaks appear at Histo Possum Tramp Wine.]

Blood Presidents

Why do blood presidents eat worms in The Hobbit and Narnia,
Odyssey, Icelandic sagas, Rubens and  Goya,
Wagner's Niblung's Ring, see Shaw,
Das Rhine Gold as much as in Moloch? 

Always blind the imagination with the eye
as much as the lust of the sons of god.
Call it the mind of THE BLOOD PRESIDENTS, 
Giants eat something else, not real game,
mind not flesh the monoploid eats,
blood sacrificed to blood, giant itself.

Saturn didn’t eat children out of jealousy,
but to feel good by the cremation of his care,
to purge himself by making them suffer.
The more they suffer the better it feels.
Saturn Moloch is the opposite intuit
of what we expect, that to feel better is to help.
With all due respect to Government,
nobody has shown like Goya,
the horror that screams and terror nourish.
Saturn as Moloch on second down
had parents sacrifice to the god,
purge their unworthiness on braziers,
as if  patrons come to Goya's dining room
do what the paintings did in front of them.
The only way to understand evil is to do. 

On third down Ginsburg said Moloch was a door, 
that domes and monuments spurt seed
in plain sight so newspapers can disreport
how towers take over presidents: 
Moloch extinct from Egypt, 
Moloch swell of Babel,
Moloch “Ashcans and dollars! Congress of sorrows!
Moloch whose buildings are judgment!
Moloch whose blood is running money!
Moloch whose name is the Mind
that swallows up both George Bush. 
Guilt, pain, anguish up in smoke:
bronze Chronos,  palms rolled up
the child inclined to a pit of fire 
to fall to the coals. Child sacrifice Moloch, 
animals Moloch, lizard shaped Moloch, 
mail order Russian Moloch,
passes through the fire, child killing sacrifice,
swallowing Fritz Lange, Cabiri, Jeremiah 7.31,
child placed in the hands of priests
to burden Moloch with crimes,!" 
The devout exclaimed: "Lord! eat!"
and the priests complied through terror of need,
what Carthage muttered to Flaubert Salammbô,
at Sardinia, Malta, and Sicily,  
where cinerary urn tophets,
retrieved bone from Tyre,
where Otto Eissfeldt felt “immanence,” and “emanation,”
dressed up as Moloch, cohabiting Baal's wife,  
and Molech's Ashteroth, men turned beast,
Whose pleasure of death was a ruby grape
That made nature immortal by sucking its life,
Where gold big as a head now turned hideous,
 / “According to minds like monstrous.”

There Moloch loosed its hair and colored skin 
to glossy gold, like apples nothing real, 
not the silver apple moon, the golden apple sun, 
perfumed river, enamel meadow symbols perpetrate haze.

What is so important about Egyptian intercourse
to bring back a defeated god
that it attracts support from thousands of years
 in massive steles, obelisks and domes
 to erect twin symbols of its political/religious power?

OK, here's the answer! 


In the condos by the burning lake
Gods by the seaside lie,
forest of Fontainebleau and moonlit scene
floodlit stage and papier-mâché,
not art but choice, the nano-bot
Ubermensch and headless frog,
body parts to make the man immort,
battery pack mice, closed circuit roach,
soldiers  approach, hear and see like a dog. 

Stockhausen's Bathroom

We have two selves,
One who suckles accolades
like an idol from lips within,
like Stockhausen accompanying Burroughs
with sonar noises, static drone,
not to say ourselves,
and the other, a model that tracks the weapon scales
of Burroughs-Stockhausens ache for more,
a handy raving, friendly fire idol
of those who entrain
to make them absorb the mind. 

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