Monday, January 14, 2013

More on Pismith and Psmith

These two disenfranchised pieces of the laboratory beginnings and anatomy of Orc are more completely examined in the New World Orcers here. That KFC is now serving chicken that looks like a brain but is really a kidney shows the premise. More doodads here.

More on Pismith
Since last writing Pismith added a “i” to its name, trying to distinguish itself from Psmith, its founder, discoverer. The “i” signifies a healthy addition to its nationhood. You remember that it was a species discovered by Jergen Psmith at his own expense and effort, but as will happen he was more and more displaced by his creation. You will also remember that Pismith was a being that grew a shell to protect itself from its enemies, who we at this point take simply as a given, though they can be specified later. Anyway, after it grew the shell the thing didn’t fit, either because it was too small or Pismith grew, which is also likely. This caused the protected inner parts to bulge out unprotected. Dr. Jergen gave his baby anti-diuretic meds to shrink the soft parts back, which worked, but also resulted in severe irritation to the shell lining which affected Pismith’s brain. “Too much, too little, when can we get enough,” Pismith began to rail, partly from the irritant, partly from its own contrary nature. It must not be much fun to be a lab rat. The upshot was that Pismith began to pee with its mouth. Is this as distasteful to me as it is to you? Yes and no. I take it symbolically and not just as an ordinary confusion of orifice. Pismith became famous for its uric speech, as you know, but it went further and this explains why it changed its name, because it turned its kidney also into a new kind of brain. You could see it coming. Those unevolved beings who still speak the old way should well suppose this is not an analogy to themselves. For one thing the Pismith has both a peptide mind and a posterior heart. Perhaps you can go to find out about it. I’m more interested in why they didn’t have much hair. All of this is beyond dialysis, as it were, but it always helps to explain the freakedness."
From dogmatika, Susan Tomaselli

New Jargon Horrors of the Obesity Wars
 Jargon Psmith derived new art, new species and a new organ in a day. This species, called Psmith, was an anti-diuretic nerd. It grew a carapace to protect its inner parts. Then it overate. Squeezed by this carapace the parts ballooned out. Afraid it would go pop, Psmith took anti-diuretic meds to shrink it back. So Psmith reinvented itself, but shrinking had unintended consequence. It’s was like turning in a bottle of pop at the store. Heightened exposures produced a noir. What’d ye think? Pushee down, pushee back.New Jargon had hands full of specie and art. Things you cannot dream. Gene sculpted! But it took more uresis than Psmith thought, which engendered The Horrors of the Dessiccate. Perhaps you read it. Flakes of acid crystal lodged in Psmith’s brain. We admire how urinary speech transformed Psmith’s kidney to a brain. We’ll be digesting that kidney with the gut when Psmith brings up more.   
From Danse Macabre

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